Whole Self, Whole Life

Creating your Optimal Wellbeing

All of your Life, ‘good, bad, beautiful, ugly’ creates who you are.  Your whole life’s experiences and learnings Is the Distinctive You.  By embracing your past and present ‘no matter what’ discover your True Wellspring. From this Real Place uncover Your invaluable Gifts and Gems.  Come Alive to your Full Potential, Optimal Wellbeing and Future.   Enter into the Gateway of your unique and evolving Story becoming your All.  

Real Conversations for Enduring Change & Transformative Learnings

Deepen, Grow, Enliven & Recreate
Your Self, Your Relationships & Work
Truly Leading in Your Life and for All

Life Changing Wellbeing Retreat
The Magnificent Southern Alps N.Z.
Easter 9th-14th April – Cancelled for Now!


  • Realise your Whole Self is Grown from the Everyday & within every Moment & its’ Creative Offerings 
  • Create Meaningful, True & Real Relationships
  • Through Change & Loss Realise the Gifts Present
  • Evolve Your Life Purpose no matter how small or large as a Greater Contribution & Story
  • Create your Unique Life Callings & True Vocation
  • Grow Gratitude in every Moment of every Day
  • Forgive especially the Unforgiveable
  • Balance Vital Energies within Body, Heart, Mind, Soul & Home
  • Release & Surrender that which no longer Supports & Serves Your Optimal Wellbeing  
  • Develop Life-Affirming WellBeing Practises bringing together essential inner & outer Heart-Wisdoms 
  • Fall In Love with Your Self & Life No Matter What & Where
  • Delight in the Dance of Your Growing Splendor