Transformative Counselling & Whole Life Practices

All of your Life ‘past and present no matter what’ distinctively creates who you are.   Your life with its everyday messiness, pains and pressures are your portals to becoming fully alive, and loving of self.   Enter the gateway of your Greater Story to discover your power and potential. Become your conscious wise heart & soul, Your All and Everything.

Whole Self, Whole Life

Growth, Healing & Enduring Change

with Sharon Mitchell and Dr Loretta do Rozario

Creating your optimal wellbeing

Who you want to be & become

Self, Relationships & Work

Life in all its Challenges & Joys are our profound Teachers. Discovering real and deeper meanings is the gateway to our greater story, our heart, soul and whole lives

Sharon & Loretta


  • Become your distinctive whole self
  • Integrate & deepen body, mind, heart & soul
  • Realise gifts through loss and change
  • Create true & real relationships
  • Learn to love the unloveable
  • Evolve your life purpose & vocation
  • Nourish your gratitude & love of life 
  • Develop life-affirming wellbeing practises
  • Become a leader for self & the world 


heartache grows compassion
failure grows humility 
fear grows courage
scarcity grows gratitude
despair grows hope 
deception grows truth
taking grows giving
uncertainty grows vision
weakness grows strength 
difference grows tolerance
loneliness grows unity
futility grows passion
sorrow grows joy
anger grows forgiveness
& woundings grow healing