Wholeness in Action Through the Art of Living

Sacred Honouring of The Story of Our Lives

Grounding & Integrating Perennial Wisdoms

Growing & Deepening Authentic Journeys

Our Lives as Sacred Wholeness

Our Professions as Vocations

Our Relationships as Love-Making

Our Ways as Art-Full

Our Contributions as Hope-Making

Our Focus to ' Transform Our Human Condition '

“Like a tree or any living system, changes are constant and create the conditions for further
growth. We only have to notice all the bark on our roads and properties to see seasonal growth in
action. A tree, like people must shed something to make room to grow up and out. We also need
nurturing conditions for both tree and us to not stagnate or even die – physically, intellectually,
emotionally and spiritually.”

Dr Loretta do Rozario

"No one misses out on being a human being, for that is our human condition.
We all have inner and outer life circumstances that have challenged us,
sometimes shattered us, and subsequently compel us and invite us to meet
and create a deeper and greater Story of our Self and our Life."

Dr Loretta do Rozario