Dr. Loretta do Rozario

“We are our own Centre of Being and Becoming. When this is Felt and Integrated, we are the enduring Magic of hope and new life. We create a Whole and  renewed future for us all.”

Loretta do Rozario

Dr Loretta do Rozario {B. Occ. Thy. (Qld. Uni.), M.Transp. Psych. (I. T. P. USA), PhD. (Qld. Uni.}

Living Our Fullness’ is birthed from this new Stage of my life of now 62 yrs, and feeling more Free and Invigorated than I can ever remember. I feel Opened to bring All of my Life’s Yearnings and Learnings with whoever and wherever and I find myself to be. I am ready for New Ways and Paths. This I want to Share and Grow.  Let me offer a sense of my life’s Work and background. For most of my life I have been a Seeker of Other Ways. At 16 years I instinctively chose not to study medicine. I felt I would ‘lose my soul’ through this established way and within the establishment. I knew that the World of Psyche – inclusive of body, mind, heart and soul – called me.   I pursued many ways, paths and training courses of Psyche. I found that the Transpersonal and an Integrated Path made holistic and Whole sense. I could never return to parts and fragments of truth, care, growth and living. 

Twenty-five years ago I along with other faculty members across Australia, created the Australian Transpersonal Institute and Association. This ‘Vehicle’ for Change then evolved into a personal offering, and in 2001 I founded Spirit Works Australia, an experiential and deepening Learning Space dedicated to integrating Wholeness and Wellness in our lives, professions, workplaces and communities. 

Then in 2004 I felt called from the bustle of city life and created Tree Song Retreat in Denmark. This has been my home and a beautiful forest Sanctuary, a place of mountain, trees, river and ocean. In these years I have been inspired to more deeply and practically learn about ‘The Road Less Travelled’. Tree Song offers a spaciousness to simply Be. Through this Being each who have come, have been invited to evolve their ‘Art of Living’ and ‘Greater Story’. 

Now as I begin savouring my sixties, everything is Changing. I am releasing Tree Song Retreat due to the health concerns of my house mate and co-creator. This current change has catapulted me into the next Stage of my Life’s Work – Living Our Fullness. This Way particularly recognizes and responds to the hunger of our modern life and age, the growing deadening and imprisonment of our Essential Aliveness and Spiritedness.  Through Living Our Fullness and with the Joy of being alongside Sharon Mitchell, I will continue my lifelong passion in ‘helping the helpers to Truly Help’. For when each of us embodies, integrates our grounded Wholeness everything Changes. We change and the world around us Changes and Transforms. I open to my next Stage of Life with the deepest enthusiasm and joy for life as I grow… 

Briefly as background: I have a first degree in Occupational Therapy (1977) and a PhD from the Department of Religious Studies (1995) (both from University of Queensland), with a thesis on ‘The Spiritual Nature of Health and Wellbeing of People with Chronic Physical Disabilities and Illness: A Paradigm of Wholeness and Reconstitution’. In 1987 I completed a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, USA), with a thesis on ‘Transpersonal Growth Groups: A Peer Paradigm of Learning’.

I love learning so have had the pleasure of over 15 years experience as a senior academic at West Australian Universities Curtin and Notre Dame. During the early 1990’s I was President of the WA Occupational Therapy Association. For ten years I was an invited Adjunct Professor at Dalhousie University Canada, where I supervised Masters research students, and created an online graduate course in Community Development and Wellness.  In 1994 I became the founder, President and Programme Coordinator of The Australian Transpersonal Institute and Association, a nationally accredited training organization founded in Perth. During this time, I was also an invited External Faculty Member for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, at Palo Alto, California.

Within Australia and Canada I practised in health, psychiatry and mental health, and private practice settings as a therapist, counsellor, transpersonal psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, educator, and a change facilitator in creating well organisations and communities. In early 2000, I was the Wellness Coordinator and Facilitator at The Cancer Support Association of Western Australia.

In 2004 I moved to the country and created Tree Song Retreat in Denmark. In 2019 I open again to the world and Living My Fullness! The next Chapter of my evolving and unfolding Story begins…