“I have always felt a deep connection to Humanity and a desire to fully live and Grow On from all that life brings.”

Sharon Mitchell

Sharon Mitchell {Dip Gen/Obs Nurse (Otago) BA.Hons Psych, M.Clin.Psych. (UWA), Master Practitioner in Integral Wholeness Facilitation (WA)}. APA approved supervisor
Registrar program, principal supervisor Clinical psychology.

At 19 I trained as a general/obstetric Nurse working with children and cancer for many years. Through caring for illness and becoming a mother, I felt the need to seek out greater understanding on ways of wellbeing. I subsequently completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at UWA.  It has been both a privilege and profound learning working with children and families across a range of settings (Hospitals, Mental Health, Child Development, Private Practice) for over 30 years. 

I have trained in and used a wide range of effective scientifically based Psychotherapies in my Practice, specializing particularly in relationship and attachment therapies. I have supervised registrars of Psychology and have also enjoyed teaching in groups and seminars for other professionals facilitating them to broaden and deepen their personal and professional lives. My passion is to offer and facilitate ‘Holistic’ SuperVision enabling others to see, hear, feel and come to know and integrate more about their lives, inner worlds, and their respective professional practises. 

It was the loss of my eldest Son four years ago that has brought me to more Real and True ways of Living and Being. From places of ‘deep pain’ came remarkable growth. This, the greatest challenge of my life where my ‘Library’ of learnings and understandings did not hold the answers. Through holistic and soulful ways came meaning, understanding and growth that moved me through loss to discover my deeper, creative more True Self.  At this time I discovered the power and resonance of Sound with its healing ways for me and others.  I am currently completing a book on ‘Transforming Grief and Loss’. 

In 2017 I completed a Master Practitioner in Wholeness Facilitation with Dr Loretta do Rozario, a deepening and learning over 4 years, enabling me to integrate the Arts, Science and Spirituality of healing, change and transformation. I can now offer more ‘whole ways’ of facilitating deep change, as I bring my ‘authentic self’ through Intimate Conversations, Story, Music and Living Nature I invite others to find this in themselves. 

At this juncture of my life I am ready to bring My Whole Self, my learnings and passion for living life Well no matter what.