“I have always felt a deep connection to Humanity and a desire to fully live and Grow On from all that life brings.”

Sharon Mitchell

Sharon Mitchell {Dip Gen/Obs Nurse (Otago) BA.Hons Psych, M.Clin.Psych. (UWA), Master Practitioner in Integral Wholeness Facilitation (WA)}. APA approved principal supervisor Clinical psychology.

At this most exciting Juncture of my Life now 56 and with the children grown, I am more Ready than ever before to bring MySelf, my learnings and a passion for living life well no matter what.

Throughout my life I have sought ways to nurture wellbeing.  At 18 I trained as a General/Obstetric Nurse, working with children and cancer for many years.  I completed a Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology to offer potential and possibilities at times of illness, trauma and struggle.  As a Psychotherapist for over 25 years I have worked across a variety of settings, also provided mentoring, supervision and training in the field of child and family psychotherapy.  Over the years training in and using a wide range of effective scientifically based Psychotherapies and Practices.  Through my work with children and families I often found traditional approaches to therapy to be limited and lacking.  I have sought more whole and integrated ways that embrace heart, mind, body, soul from which to heal and grow.

It was the loss of my son in 2014 brought me to question All and Everything.  Grief propelled me forward to deeper, truer, fuller ways of living and being, no matter what comes to our lives.  A profoundly growing time challenging me to explore ‘inner depths’ and ‘out beyond’ my known, discovering such possibility and potential in Myself, Life and the World.

These past 6 years I have worked and studied intensely along with Loretta, learning ways to truly offer Whole of Life and Living Practices for Enduring growth and change.  In going to the heart of change, no matter what comes to our lives we can transform and grow ourselves, our Greater Stories of meaning and purpose and Love.  Through daily ‘Whole of Life Practices’ we find the extraordinary in the ordinary; the sacred in the mundane; and the pains and woundings’ of yesterday become our teachers and aliveness of tomorrow.   Now in writing “A Book That Changes Everything”, we offer a real path and practices to consciously grow Self as wise heart and soul throughout life and all its stages.

 I am whole-heartedly excited to invite you to ‘Living Our Fullness’ where you can learn through your ‘whole life’ with its everyday demands, messiness, pains and pressures to Become your ‘Fully Alive Real Self’.   To discover your truths and passions that grow your agency, potential, creativity, potency and Love of self, life and All.