“Art is not about the expression of talent or the making of pretty things. It is about the preservation and containment of soul. It is about arresting life and making it available for contemplation. Art captures the eternal in the everyday, and it is the eternal that feeds soul – the whole world in a grain of sand.”

(Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul)

Contact us now to:
– Donate all or part proceeds of an artwork of your heart and soul, so that we can build a literal place of heart and soul in the Queens Garden Precinct;
– Collaborate in the co-creation of a healing & contemplative community place, for Bunbury and the Greater Southwest;
– Be part of a movement of possibility.

Auctioneers: WA Art Auctions
All work will be showcased in our Art Catalogue prior to event which includes some exceptional certified pieces (Picasso & Dali to name just two).

The Auction will be held at 6.30 pm on the 20th May 2017 at The South West Italian Club. Exhibition open for viewing 5.30pm -9.00 pm 19th May and from 12.00pm 20th May.

Contact us NOW if you would like to be involved
Linda Blyth: redboots@westnet.com.au
Jan Ferraz: janetferraz@outlook.com
Nari Jones: narijones@bigpond.com

We are excited to introduce Projects of Heart & Soul WA, Inc.  This is our new incorporated body, that will steer the continued development of A Place For Hope as it’s first project. Being an incorporated body will enable us to continue to lead the project as we move forward, as well as raise/collect vital funds ourselves. Rotary will remain a major collaborator with us, in raising funds and offering in-kind support.

Our first major fundraising event will be an Art Auction, planned for May 2017; which will include over 100 works from emerging artists’, right through to artists’ of world-wide acclaim. Invitations to be involved will be released soon, however if you would like to express an early interest, please contact Nari Jones on narijones@bigpond.com.au or 0438 806 136.

These are very Hope-filled and exciting days, yet from within the core committee, there grows an awareness of how much creative collaboration and indeed focused work, there still remains, to bring this Garden Labyrinth, this Place and Space of Hope to our southwest community.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the following voluntary Collaborators: Dr Loretta do Rozario who has been named our Honorary Patron; Inaugural Chairperson Carolyn Ngan; Secretary Nari Jones; Treasurer Sharon Mitchell; Committee Members: Di Panorios, Linda Blyth and Jan Ferraz. Your belief in this Project and your growing commitment and conversations are making a world of difference.

“This life, therefore , is…not health but healing, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise; we are not what we shall be, but we are growing toward it; the process is not yet finished, but it is going on; this is not the end, but it is the road.”

(Martin Luther King, 1930 in Luther, Jacobs & Spaeth)

Concept Design Collaboration by Alex & Nicole Mickle, of Safehaven Studios & Douglas Collins, of Earthcare Landscapes.



In Bunbury, ‘A Place for Hope’ will be a stunning and deeply reflective Garden Labyrinth in the Queens Garden precinct. Due to be built in 2017, the winning design (SAFEHAVEN STUDIOS & EARTHCARE LANDSCAPES) will be revealed soon.  Projects of Heart & Soul WA, Inc. will lead the development of this creative community collaboration. Anyone interested in learning more about becoming involved throughout the implementation phase should make contact with either Carolyn Ngan (carolyn.ngan@westnet.com.au) or Nari Jones (narijones@bigpond.com). Our gratitude to MNG SURVEY for their involvement and to ROTARY for their continued interest in supporting this community project.

labyrinth-kosmos-journal“When we are Hope-Full we are able to see our lives and the events of our lives, from a Bigger Story perspective, we are less caught in the details. We are therefore more able to be With-in ourselves and With others. We are able to feel connected to others and their lives, and are therefore less disillusioned and isolated. Because of this we may feel empowered and emboldened to take personal control of our lives and find Meaning in the Creative Possibilities that lie ahead.”
(Nari Jones/Sharon Mitchell/Carolyn Ngan, Shining the Light on Mental Health, October 2015, Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference, Bunbury WA)

‘A Place for Hope’ Garden Labyrinth is on the map. A small yet beautiful parcel of land in the Queens Garden Precinct has been granted to us, by the City of Bunbury.

We are now seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI), from Public Artists, Landscape Designers, Architects and other creative organisations.

Please obtain further information and RSVP by 11th March 2016, to Carolyn Ngan via: Carolyn.Ngan@westnet.com.au or phone 0417 930 919

A briefing  on the EOI will be held on Wednesday, 16th March 2016, from 5pm – 6.30pm, at Water’s Edge Function Centre, 42 Cobblestone Drive, Bunbury



“More than at any time in history, individuals and the collective need Hope. We need to know there is a way through. We need to feel we can resolve and restory our lives and world. We need to see the possible in seemingly impossible circumstances…We need to grow heart and courage in places and spaces where we have grown cold and distant…We must expect no less than healing and transformation is real and possible…We must begin where we are, what we have been given to do, and stretch and go beyond.” 

(Dr Loretta do Rozario, 2015, Creating Foundations for Hope: A Personal Healing Journey Through Art and Psychotherapy)


It is heartwarming to report that we are making progress and have received support from the Bunbury City Council, for the creation of a Garden Labyrinth in the Queens Garden Precinct, near the Bunbury CBD area. Carolyn Ngan and Nari Jones presented a proposal at an Agenda Briefing Meeting, at the City of Bunbury (CoB) on the 3rd November, which was very well received. We now are in preparation to put together a more detailed proposal that outlines the plan, the structure and the materials that are envisaged.

This was further to a presentation at the Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference 2015, Shining the Light on Rural Mental Health, held on 21-23 October. Sharon Mitchell and Nari Jones presented ‘A Place For Hope for Bunbury: Community Development Collaborative Project for Creating Better Mental Health’. Again, the concept was very well received, this time by Health Professionals from throughout Western Australia.labyrinth-entrance-claire-jones-landscapes-llc_9330

This dream of a Garden Labyrinth within the City of Bunbury – a cross cultural, nondenominational Place of reflection and contemplation, now a step closer. This place that literally and metaphorically invites the walker to find a centre of peace and calm within the fullness and storminess of their lives, now a possibility.

As a Community Response to the increasing burden of health needs, it is our ultimate Hope that this Place may enable those who come, to find a glimmer of Hope for themselves.  

“Hope provides the ray of light that shines through suffering and provides a sense of promise, possibility and challenge.” (do Rozario, 2015, Creating Foundations For Hope. A Personal Healing Journey through Art and Psychotherapy)

Image Credit:  Claire Jones, www.gardendesign.com

Conversations with the City of Bunbury have been extremely promising and enabled us to establish several preferred locations for ‘A Place For Hope: A Space to Be and Renew’.

We continue to be Inspired by the Bigger Picture of a cross-cultural, non-denominational Place for Bunbury and the Greater South West, particularly at this divisive time. Key Wisdom Leaders have had this to say about the Sydney Centennial Park Labyrinth, in NSW Australia:

“Walking home to country is a connection our people have always had with Mother Earth. Our culture is defined by the closeness of family circles and staying connected to the people within it. The labyrinth invites and welcomes people to walk the path together – it calls them to the land in oneness.”

 Aunty Ali Golding, Aboriginal Elder, Biripi Nation

“As the wind calls the trees to dance, may this walking reflection invite us to rediscover the genuine rhythm of our human journey. The pilgrim deep within each of us is aware of an unseen world that shapes us. It calls us to a different tempo that can renew our life…May this prayer of the labyrinth lead us gently into a new dance with our one precious life.”

 Monsignor Tony Doherty, Church of Mary Magdalene, Rose Bay

“A pilgrimage is a moment when people come from every corner of the world to share the spiritual experience. They come in humility and sincerity…”

 Imam Amin Hady, Zetland Mosque

Since the event on the 21st June, ‘Transformations: Fragmentation to Wholeness’, a Steering Committee has been established and a Draft Proposal  for a literal “Place of Hope” within this community is being created; with two possible sites at least.

In addition this Committee presented an Abstract for the upcoming Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference here in Bunbury: Shining the Light on Rural Mental Health; with a presentation entitled:

A Place for Hope for Bunbury: Community Development Collaborative Project for Creating Better Mental Health

Sadly our Presentation was not accepted at this time. We remain committed to sharing research about the efficacy of public ‘Greenspaces’, and how ‘A Place For Hope’ and specifically Walking a Labyrinth, is beneficial for the mental health and wellbeing of Bunbury residents and the wider southwest community.

To be Human is to Fully Be & Feel: How can we become even more from those places of loss, despair, impossible feelings?


An invitation for family, friends, practitioners & carers

Three Personal Stories of Hope


10am – 1pm

WATERS EDGE CAFÉ (Function Room)

42 Cobblestone Drive, Bunbury

Cost $20 – Light Refreshments will be served

(Part Proceeds will go to Bunbury Community Project for Growing Hope)

RSVP 14/06/15 narijones@bigpond.com

Dr Loretta do Rozario B.Occ.Thy(Qld) M.Transp.Psych (USA), Ph.D. (Qld).

Transpersonal Counsellor. Integral Wellness Facilitator


Loretta will launch her second book. Creating Foundations For Hope. A Personal Healing Journey through Art and Psychotherapy. Dedicated to Nancy, Reece van Zanten-Mitchell and Joan May Campbell. A pictorial slide presentation of Nancy’s drawing’s (inspiring & invocative Inner Journeyings) will be shared, with time for questions.


Nari Jones B.App.Sc.OT (Curtin)

Occupational Therapist, Integral Wellness Facilitator


The Art of Creative Living through Intimate Conversation: Despair and other difficult ‘visitors’ as the Doorways to a Spirited Life.


Sharon Mitchell B.A. Hons. Psych (UWA). M.Psych (UWA)

Clinical Psychologist (Child Development Practitioner)


The Fullness of Loss: Becoming More from the Devastation of losing my Mother and my Son to Suicide.


“Far beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there”. (Rumi)