More than any other time in the course of the world we are called to a simpler way of being and doing. We are called to an integral life-style that holds dear every aspect of living – body, mind, emotions, spirit, soul, relationships, communities and the future.” 

Loretta do Rozario, 2009

Through Confidential Intimate Conversations, you are Invited to come to your Wisdom and the Fundamentals and Essence of what Truly Matters.


Confidential, enriching, deepening Intimate Conversations transforming life challenges and transitions into renewing Creative Possibilities.

With Dr Loretta do Rozario 2 hours, & phone option
Cost: $250, & $200 concession.


“Having a whole perspective gives us greater choice and capacity to respond and endure. It puts every person at the heart of an active and deeply personal healing process. It encourages helpers to appreciate and work with life as a Journey where the travelling and trajectories are as central as the travails.”

Loretta do Rozario, 2014

With Dr Loretta do Rozario 2 hours, & phone option
Cost: $250



Wholeness At Work – Revitalising Places of Doing

“We have been working with the obvious but not the basics and Essentials. True transformation occurs when we connect and integrate our inner and outer capacities. This ensures optimal coherence and real Well-Being enabling people, communities and organisations to become the best they can possibly Be and Do.”

Loretta do Rozario, 2015

Ensure that you and your staff are  working at your optimal best. Learn how to create a work-friendly and work-satisfying organisation. Tailor-made programmes with individual sessions to deepen your capacity and create a harmonious, stress-less work-place environment.

Contact Dr Loretta do Rozario and the Team to discuss how your aspirations and needs may be met.



Creative individual conversations/practices to transform the mundane of daily life, into the exploration of Meaningful, Authentic Expression. Family as Sacred Wellness at Home.

With Nari Jones – 1-1.5 hour sessions

Cost: $150 & $125 concession

“Nari has been my teacher, my mentor and my friend over the last 18 months as I have studied 2 of her Integral Wellness courses. Her interaction and her teachings have profoundly changed me, the way I choose to live my life and the relationships I have within my family.

“Wellness” has become a multi million dollar industry. I was wanting something more than “drink a green juice and think happy thoughts”. I wanted to explore and question, to see beauty in the simplicity of the everyday. To live a creative, meaning FULL life beyond the superficial of lipstick and fashion.

With The Art of Creative Living Nari teaches, encourages and guides you to live your life with more purpose, truth and meaning.”

Susie Beardman, 2015



“At the beginning, middle and end of our lives,

all that truly matters is Love.”

Loretta do Rozario, 2015


For individualised rituals that Honour and Celebrate all of life’s transitions, and our journeys and learnings through Life and Death.


“Loretta has brought ‘Sacred Ceremony’ to our lives in the most profound way.
The sudden death of my beautiful son Reece last year devastated us his family and changed our lives forever. Loretta held Reece’s Funeral and 12 months later a second Ceremony as we Placed Reece’s Ashes.
At these times of deepest pain and greatest vulnerability Loretta’s caring, wise and loving presence has been truly remarkable. The richness of her Sacred Ceremony brought us ways to express our love, to truly honour, and to bring meaning to Reece’s living and his dying. Loretta’s way of ‘being’ with Reece also helped us feel and know Reece’s continued being-ness. This brought and continues to bring the greatest of comfort, particularly for his younger brother and sister.
As I reflect on this Spirit Works Way of ‘Sacred Ceremonies’ and ‘Presence’, over those most difficult days, I know this is where we found hope and began healing from our loss.” 

Sharon Mitchell, 2015


Artworks have the potential to transform Spaces. The environment in which we live and work has the power to shape how we feel, think and construct reality. For those who work with others, particularly those in very clinical settings, the consideration of Space can be a significant contributor to Growth, Transformation and Healing. Nari will work with you to Re-create your Therapeutic Spaces, via Commissioned Artworks of Meaning.

Similarly at certain Times in our lives, when we are rendered incapable of expressing the ineffable, an Artwork can Convey something Beyond the words and the obvious. Nari will work with you to Create a Specially Unique Commissioned Significant Remembering/Honouring of these Times in Life.

“I find artwork a wonderful way of deepening and integrating the richness of life’s experiences…where it is made possible for us to appreciate and share the preciousness of all that comes. Usually from the places of pain and irritation, we are compelled to find ways of ‘seeing’ through the either/or…and opening to possibilities, un-thought of. The intimate conversation that this brings literally Transforms us.”

Nari Jones