Over many years we have been exploring and deepening ‘Whole Ways’ of facilitating growth, change and transformation within ourselves, and for individuals, groups, communities and organisations. Integral Wholeness Facilitation has been brought to life through our grounded and embodied Practice of Whole Living – Personally, Professionally and Relationally. 

These in-depth experiential Programmes invite and enable you to deepen your lived Ways of Wholeness in Action. You will learn to Grow and Deepen within your Self, the Inner Resources and Essential Knowings and Personal Qualities that will make the Real Difference for your everyday life and your helping Practises. These Inner Studies will enable you to learn to Integrate all aspects of your Self and World – Head, Heart, Body, Soulfulness, Relationships and Environments. In becoming Integrated and Whole, you can Meet Well and Fully the Challenges of Life. Your greatest Resources, Tools and Assets is Your Full Whole Self.

“We must become emboldened and help more, hinder less. We must expect no less than healing and transformation is real and possible. We must hope and believe that whole lives and a whole world can be grown and nurtured by every conscious act and every healing journey we support, serve and share. We must begin where we are, what we have been given to do, and stretch and go beyond…”

Loretta do Rozario

“Working in helping systems and having completed many trainings, which over the years gave me an extensive library of learnings, and resources from which to teach. Yet, it has been these recent years of Practice in Ways of Wholeness that truly brought me to my self and to real and deeper ways of healing, growth and transformation”

Sharon Mitchell