“Recently I was walking in nature and there I found this Heart-Lake nestled in the forest. Our lives are like that. We can Discover so much when we begin to See and Open to different perspectives and understandings within the landscapes of our everyday lives.” Sharon

 Welcome to Heart Wisdom Teachings. We will offer Essential Teachings and Conversations that have touched and taught us from our everyday lives. These Messages from the mundane are Extra-Ordinary. They are always there in our lives and world waiting to be Seen, to be Heard, to be Valued, to be Understood, to be Shared, to be Lived. In Living through our Heart Wisdoms we each can become our own Living Map of Wholeness.  Becoming our own Tree of Life rooted deeply into the earth, fully growing upward and outward, reaching to touch the unlimited Sky. Savour these Offerings finding the Gifts for your Self, Life and World. r unique knowing, creativity and love to live our lives more fully and authentically. To give ourselves the gifts of Spaciousness, Reflection, Trust and Courage are the greatest treasures we can offer ourselves and All.