2-year part time Personal Growth and Vocational Development Course.

FOR: those who want to nurture and deepen their everyday lives as Leaders, Change Facilitators, and learn to live a Well and Art-full life, with creative capacity, renewed presence and Beingness.


8 weekend workshop Retreats and 8 Integration Papers
8 individual mentoring sessions, and
4 home study modules, choosing from:

  • Wellness and Healing
  • Wellness and Transpersonal Practices
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • The Art of Creative Living
  • New Paradigm Change and Transformation
  • Wellness in Groups, Communities and Organisations
  • Transformational Leadership

Cost $8000

“The diploma was timely in many ways for me and gave a framework to understand my lifes threads and nurture new directions, a key one being figuring out a way to find my calling, my vocation. Through integrating these threads rather than thinking and dreaming alone I am doing and being.”

Mark Morton, 2015


“After attending retreat space for some time, the Diploma offered me that opportunity to be more accountable. To ‘get real’, as I committed to following through on this self-enquiry into my Art, my Process and my Life. Through the modules, I was provided a focal point and a foundation upon which to deepen my inquiry. Wellness and Wellbeing have become buzzwords in my work spaces and there are plenty of opportunities for distraction. Spirit Works Australia’s insistence on a Grounded learning process prevented me from ‘losing touch’ and brought this study Home. This has made all the difference and made possible Real change- for myself, My Art and my Family. I arrived at the Crossroads where seeking has become Savouring.”

Tahnee Witt, 2015