Counselling, Psychotherapy

& Wellbeing Life Practices

Life transitions, change & loss

endless expectations, pressures & demands

these are turning points and portals to becoming who you want to Be and Become.

Life with its beginnings, in between & endings are potent rites of passage from which to choose & create the path you want to walk. Together let us step off the roundabout to feel, hear and come to know what you truly seek. Discover deeper meanings and greater truths that grow you, recognise old habits and patterns that no longer serve you, move through constraint to wider views & greater possibilities. Heal what holds you back from your fuller aliveness.   Step by step whole pathways and practices that grow your capacity and inner wealth, to wellbeing.

Trust that change grows You
Lead from Your Truths
Become Your wise heart
Stand tall in Your strength and voice 
Discover Your passions & possibilities
Soar more freely in truer relationships
Be the courage that changes You and your world

“More than any other time in the course of the world we are called to a simpler way of being and doing. We are called to a whole life that integrates and holds dear every aspect of body, mind, emotions, spirit, soul, relationships, communities and the future.” 

Loretta do Rozario

“The noisy-ness and challenges of our lives are our most profound teachers. In finding their real meanings, we can live more heart-fully and play the Real music of our life. This I have learnt” 

Sharon Mitchell

Confidential, enriching, deepening Conversations transforming life challenges and transitions into renewing Creative Possibilities with Sharon Mitchell and Loretta do Rozario.

1 ½  hours – $250 & $200 concession. Phone, Face time & Skype available. Contact us for more Information.