Sacred Ceremony

For individualised rituals and ceremonies that honour and celebrate all of life’s changes, transitions and rites of passage – beginnings, adulthood, middle-age, eldering and dying. All of our life journeyings can be made more special and sacred through bringing deeper meanings, valuing, joys and connections to every occasion. Where we truly honour each and every stage of life is where each person, family and community can discover a Greater Story.

“At the beginning, middle and end of our lives, all that truly matters is Love.”

Loretta do Rozario

“The death of my son Reece changed my whole life and that of my family. It was Sacred Ceremony that brought us ways to express our love, to truly honour and to bring meaning to living and dying. Sacred ceremony invited us to hope, and we began a profound journey of healing and enriching growth.  From my heart and learnings I am here for you too, and your next steps.”

Sharon Mitchell

For individualised rituals that Honour and Celebrate all of life’s transitions, and our journeys and learnings through Life and Death.

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