Mentoring and Supervision for Practitioners

Mentoring and Supervision can make all the difference to your overall sense of wellbeing and aliveness at work. When you are able to be fully present, engaged and supported you continue to grow, and the quality of your relationships and work practises grows and deepens. Together through confidential, safe and stimulating learning and development you will gain more confidence, clarity, choices and creativity to offer your best.

“Having a whole perspective gives us greater choice and capacity to respond and endure. It puts every person at the heart of an active and deeply personal healing process. It encourages helpers to appreciate and work with life as a Journey where the travelling and trajectories are as central as the travails.”

Loretta do Rozario

As professionals we often feel the need to be the all and everything. In allowing ourselves to walk with another in reflective space we can be held, nourished, and replenished, and teach and help even more so. This I discovered makes all the Difference.”

For more information contact Dr Loretta do Rozario or Sharon Mitchell: APA Board approved Supervisor of Registrar program for Clinical Psychology.

Individual Session:1 ½  hours – $250; Group Mentoring & Supervision available by negotiation; Phone, Face time & Skype available

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Sharon Mitchell