Whole Lives Whole Practice

We offer these short glimpses and invitations into ‘Whole Practice’; and how Whole Processes, Real Relationship, and Being With Creatively can become Transformative and Change even the most intractable and challenging situations.  A Whole Experience and Viewing of Life, with rich and rewarding Inner Work, can creatively Enliven one’s Self and professional practice. 

If you want to know more on How to Grow Whole Transforming Practises join us in our ongoing Supervision Seminars and Workshops. Individual supervision sessions, tailored made Group Supervision, and Creating Well Organisations Workshops are offered. For further information see Seminars and Supervision links. 

Mary’s Journey: Releasing the Burdens of the Past, Finding a Real Self

At Royal Perth Psychiatry Mary and I deeply Met for six months within the contexts of our twice weekly individual and group psychotherapy. Mary at 24 yrs of age weighed 133 kg and was diagnosed with depression, social anxiety and didn’t want to live as she was. Within the safe Container of our individual sessions we explored her life’s key movements, stuckness and longstanding burdens. Throughout her life Mary had felt taken in and overwhelmed by others, especially in her intense relationship with her mother. Mary felt that her life was full of holes and thus she felt little sense of an Essential Self. Her way to cope was to take everything and everybody inside and to hide inside her body. In learning to recognise wanted and worthy parts of herself and to release what really did not belong to her, Mary began to open to the felt sense of her Real Self. At the end of our six months together and without any focus on diet and weight reduction techniques, Mary naturally lost weight, becoming 100 kg and finding a renewed sense of her Self and Aliveness.  


Sam’s Journeying: Standing Up & Reaching for Real Life

A young boy referred to me in private practice with conversion disorder, arrived in a wheelchair unable to walk & experiencing incapacitating pain and distress.  His condition worsening despite therapy from a range of practitioners.  Sam was reportedly highly achieving & successful prior, and his parents were deeply concerned as his illness now affecting all aspects of his life.  

Away from the usual clinic setting, I offered a different approach within a non-clinical consulting room, inviting more whole ways for all who came.  A disconnect of head, heart & body was evident as Sam tried to fit with ‘what and how’ he thought he needed to ‘feel, know or be’.  The real work was in his learning to value and hold dear All that he is and brings.  As he opened to his fuller self – not good or bad, more or less, right or wrong – profound movement began to happen.  Within weeks Sam was bouncing around on the therapeutic couch talking about his day animatedly.   In just a few months Sam up running, playing guitar and immersed in his life as he found a Real Home within his growing Whole Self.                            


Wholeness in The Workplace Changes Systems & Lives

I was invited by a major Melbourne Hospital Department to offer a 2-day Workshop specifically designed to meet the high levels of staff illnesses, burn out and staff turn over. The brief included: dealing with one staff member who was causing significant ‘problems’ at work. In spite of much negotiations between management and this staff member, the longstanding outcome was a stressful standstill. I offered a Wholeness and Growth-orientated Workshop for both management and the staff. It was enjoyable, nourishing, meaningful and positively changed the overall quality of relationships within this system. A few days later the so called ‘problem’ staff member freely resigned, as with insight and self-care they now wanted more for their life. In their own ways each participant chose life-affirming WellBeing versus painful stuckness and chronic stress. Staff productivity, wellness and health was enhanced.