Creating Foundations For Hope



A Personal Healing Journey Through Art & Psychotherapy

By Dr Loretta do Rozario, 2015

‘Creating Foundations For Hope’ offers remarkable insights into the psyche and inner views of a young woman’s creative transforming of her bipolar illness and life. Her art and poetic understandings held within the contexts of a Canadian Psychiatric Hospital and 9 months of our psychotherapeutic relationship, colourfully demonstrates the Steps of fundamental Change and Growth from Breakdown to Breakthrough. Together we deeply  connected, together we discovered more creative ways in becoming a Real Self, revealing more Aliveness, and releasing patterns of being that no longer served. Nancy’s precious gift to me at the end of our therapeutic relationship was her art and prose inspired from our most significant Time together. This book also invites the reader to enter into and deepen their Journey of Healing and Growing Hope. It is dedicated to Nancy, Reece Jared van Zanten Mitchell and all who deeply wrestle with the challenges that life invariably brings. May our sufferings and struggles bring a deepening of insights and a growing of enduring Hope.