Living Our Wholeness



The Alchemy Of Change, Challenge & Suffering

By Dr Loretta do Rozario, 2014

This book offers my complete doctoral research study from the University of Queensland on “The Spiritual Nature of Health and Wellbeing of People with Chronic Illness & Disability: A Paradigm of Wholeness and Reconstitution”. My Quest was to understand in depth: “What Keeps People Alive and Well In Spite of the Odds”. What I discovered was how individuals, no matter what physical conditions and illnesses, met their inner and outer challenges with the Balms of Hope, Meaning, Love, Creativity, and a personal Spirituality. A Model of Change and Transforming Suffering is offered from the evidence of Real Experiences of these individuals. Overall it is the profound and deeply personal sense of Wholeness that enables people to overcome and deal with the fragmentations and dissolution of their body and lives. It also gives practitioners insights into how human beings can heal and not heal their inner and outer woundings and sufferings. This fundamental Knowing can Change and Transform lives.