For many years I stayed very close to home, Tree Song a Sanctuary for others to learn to Be and a personal Retreat for myself. Now I am profoundly called to distant shores and Sacred Places. This Time in life to deepen my Learnings, Growings and Share with others more than ever before. 

Why now and why this outward way? Simply – safety security and sameness can eventually create stifling stuckness, even if the state, like living at Tree Song Retreat, is blissful! In this last month I travelled intensively with Sharon to distant lands and ancient Temples of France, Egypt, Malta and Greece. Each day was an Adventure extraordinaire! Each moment uncertain and an unexpected Discovery. Even simple wants and habits like having a drink of water, eating a washed salad, walking down a street, driving in a car or taking public transport became a concern and serious decision. Nothing could be taken for granted. Everything and every place needing wise reflections and actions. Every occasion equally a potential delight and a possible danger. I truly felt alive, vital and fully engaged in living. 

What did I really gain? I learned how to Learn again – deeper, wider, and more True to where and who I am now – Not the me of a year or ten years ago! I rediscovered how sacred means Meeting anew the scared and scary parts of self and life. I came to a more child-like maturity where becoming a Child of Wonder is the Play and the Outcome. Life became and continues to become an Adventure of Sacred Learnings and Journeyings. Sacred meaning truly Whole and Holy. Each place, space, person, and potentiality, a possible Prayer and potent Growing from within outward. Conscious Living really Felt. Conscious Loving life and others, a Practice in every moment. Living becomes Sacred Learnings and Journeyings, Becoming one’s own inner Temple. What a Timeless Treasure never to be forgotten or underestimated!