Today Christmas Day 2019 I offer this Message of Hope. For the very first time in many years and due to life circumstances I find myself alone on this special festive Day where many celebrate with family and friends. Bracing myself as I tenderly feel and face a long day and night in my own company. Yet knowing that so many around the world, rich or poor, young or old, well or unwell, from war torn countries or green pastures of calm, so many face today and sadly many days and years alone and in dark, difficult and desperate circumstances. I prepared to sacredly dedicate this Day for All wherever, whoever and whatever their circumstances, I would Be with them and they within me.

From very early morn I began with sacred ancient music of Hildegard and others, this shifted me into Spaciousness Receiving. Watering the garden in the early summer’s heat I noticed more the range and hues of vibrant colour, the dry needy, the vital shady and protecting others, so much variety, beauty and natural living movements, each as dance and dancers. Then the birds came. Cockatoos that kept flying over me singing and somehow embracing me where I stood in delight. Then the magpies came younger ones and old who came so very close, staying for sometime, looking straight at me as if they were speaking through their eyes and postures. They were. These friends I truly felt. Then walking through my private forest I came upon Rock Messages that circled a beautiful She-Oak grove of trees. These ones I first came to called out so vividly, we are here, we are with you, we give you these HeartWisdoms. I felt held and Met. I felt invited into the presence of enduring Teachers – Hope, Being With Being Alone, Faith and Devotion. Just what I needed to realise especially today and in my life.

For the rest of the day came more phone calls and messages from unexpected sources and closer ones. As I shared my aloneness each gave more of themselves than usual or ever before. My open acknowledgement of the social taboo of ‘aloneness’, brought greater closeness and genuine sharings than I remember. Even the relationships of fraught and distance felt like a Light had come through and the old darker patterns of communication changed. A new Way opened to in just moments of openness. 

Another old way relished – wine good food and toasting to dear ones and departed ones, my parents and the ancestors. Honouring the many, known and unknown who have brought me literally here and in this day have Birthed me again, Anew. Really I have never been alone, not one day of my life! Each cell, each memory, each aspect of me has come from the Multiuniverse of Stars! Each of us truly have come from and are intrinsically connected to All of Life, here and everywhere. Each breath I take I share with All. Each exhalation a giving back to earth for All.

So this day not complete and powerfully enough for me to humbly recognise the everyday Miracles within unexpected moments and usual connections. This photo I took recently in NZ of a Cliffside in darkness and then in the blink of an eye noticing Light emerging and a radiance glowing where Light and Dark Met. Today this I saw, felt, came to know, and now hold in Faith, Hope and in Devotion. I don’t use the word ‘miracles’ often or lightly yet today became a Timeless Space where aloneness merged into Love. Love into Gratitude. Gratitude into Giftings and Givings. I am reminded of a Wisdom saying of an old Teacher of mine, “First you must Receive before you can Give”. Thank you All. I Received so many Messages and Messengers. Tomorrow I can and want to Give Gratefully. This Christmas I will truly never forget. 2020 I Welcome for I am Alive and Grateful.