Coming to Our Heights & Depths

Change can come in many ways through reactions, responses, minor or major movements, even staying the same is a decision of change. We may even come to a place where we feel that we have changed enough! Why go further and do more? We have untapped resources and capacities where our Heart and Wisdom Grow More and More with every stage of development, inviting us onwards. More often we tend to deal with what is known, and what is within our inner and outer sights, the closer Circles within our lives.  The vital Energy of Change takes much extra effort and will, becoming a daily Challenge and Practice. 

Then there comes a Time when it is needed or wanted to Transform our lives, our Self beyond what we know and even feel is true for ourselves. This is the calling and inspiration of the Energy of Transformation. To Review and come to Move so that what no longer serves us can be released, be deepened, becoming quite Different. We are compelled to ascend the Mountain BeComing our deeper fuller Self in all that life has brought and will bring.   Like the Energy of Spiral we must leave the known Forms of our lives and travel upward and outward. Literally we Trans-Form or go beyond the understandings and ways we have usually enacted and come to know as Us. Often where we Transform ourselves or even aspects of ourselves, these are the places and spaces where we no longer recognise who we are. We become different even Strangers to ourselves and previous lives. Others wonder what has happened? Who are you now? Where have you gone? Will you ever come back?  

For the last 14 years ago I left the known flat and sandy fields of Perth city life and full circles of professional life to build Tree Song Retreat nestled on Mt Shadforth. This a time of profound change that brought another View – the perspective and profound expansiveness of Tree and Mountain.  In my everyday walking through Tree Song forest, I have felt within upward and outward Movements of Change.  Through the solid foundations of deep mountain Rock to the wild expanse of dancing tree reaching skyward, I have been opened and invited beyond my old understandings and ways of Being and Knowing.   I have become Re-Formed to live through what Mountain and Tree Top inspire me too. My previous life, understandings & ways challenged and changed radically. I needed and wanted to discover a more Essential Aliveness. I wanted to Fully live my Truths and inner Teachings. 

These years I have consciously and unconsciously lived the Way of Spiral. At Tree Song Creating meditational spaces informed by Spirals and Labyrinths to invite each of us go beyond the everyday Circles that often keep us stuck, holding us in our limitations and comfort zones.  This image of Snake Wood Spiral has formed the Centre of the many Retreats and Workshops I have held. Its invitation AllWays is to Grow from strong Circular Base upwards and outward to become more fullywhere Earth can touch and be Informed by the expansive Sky.

Why Transform as Spiral? As mountain climbers often say: ‘Because I can, am called and must!’ For me, this ‘Road Less Travelled’ is my true Way, Now.   These years of Transforming so much within and around me has brought me greater Depths and Heights and personal Living Truths than any other Time in my life. I have come to a Greater Story about my Self and of Life itself. I have felt within everyday the Joys of New Life and Renewing Ways. I have Learnt more than ever before. I have Shared more than ever before. I Feel Enlivened and Invigorated for the Mountain Views within keep growing me day by day! And I am inspired and open to continuing Change and Transforming. For the Gifts of Transforming our lives are exponential. My Life has only just begun! 

Over time we look forward to sharing with you More of these Heart Wisdom Ways in Transforming and the Essential Gifts that Real Change offers for our lives and world. Step by Step and through the Offerings of Living Our Fullness let us Become All that we can Become!