“I first met Dr do Rozario in 2000 at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. I started working with Loretta at that time in group work which opened my eyes to a new way of working which was deeply satisfying. I have attended Loretta’s retreats in Perth and then in beautiful Denmark meeting many amazing souls and sharing in the journeying. Most recently I attended a group session with Loretta and Sharon at a Place to Just Be in East Fremantle. Astonishing! The depth and sensitivity of the work, the inclusivity and Wholeness of the work sincerely moved me. I have practiced as a Trauma and Torture Counsellor, had a private practice and worked in various agencies around the metro area over the last 17 years but I have never found a more nourishing experience nor a more enlightening one. The work and opportunity provided by Loretta and Sharon is vital for my growth and for self- care and support. For Professionals in the Caring field I would suggest this work is vital.”
Debra McLean, B.A. Counselling, 2019
“I was at a difficult time in my life, I had attempted suicide, I’d just spent a year of my life in a maximum security prison and was a recovering drug addict. You could say I was at a deeply significant juncture of my life. I needed another way through the seemingly endless pain and feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. For seven days I stayed at Tree Song Retreat and in individual Counselling and Conversations with Loretta I was Changed. The old limiting patterns and hurts moved and I discovered a Greater Story about myself. I now relish many aspects of my life like never before. I now look to the future with excitement and a real drive to get the most out of my life. If you are considering attending one of Loretta’s sessions or Retreats then DO IT! It changed my life as I’m sure it will yours! “
Robert Diamond, 2019
“At a crossroad in my career as a clinical psychologist, I was intrigued when I read the flyer for a one day work shop ‘Whole Life’ Real Conversations with Sharon and Loretta. The day offered a safe, reflective, comfortable and beautiful environment to be fully present with myself and the group. The workshop goes beyond a lot of professional development to enhance qualities including reflection, respect, and resilience, both in a practical and importantly an experiential way. I have found being more fully present, and understanding of defences (own and others), essential to truly ‘being with’ others in my work and relationships. “
Sandra Robertson, Clinical Psychologist, 2019
“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Loretta in late 2013 and immersed myself in group work for several years. I found the process deeply Enlivening, introducing for myself a more real understanding of Hope and Change- an absolute necessity in my role as a clinician in Acute Mental Health. Recently, I was fortunate to witness (and be part of!) the evolution of this Space, the next step of Living Fully. What does Living Fully mean? To me, it means that all the Pieces Matter, no matter how small, how broken or ill-fitting they may be. Living Fully for me is a hopeful way of being, as much for ourselves as it is for our clients. In the face of despair, Living Fully is a way forward, as challenging as it may be! Far from mere words and platitudes, Living Fully must be embraced and embodied. Demonstrated in action and deed, lived! For this, I can only recommend Just Being with Loretta and Sharon.”
Kurt Leitch, Senior Occupational Therapist
“I have enjoyed a professional relationship with Dr Loretta do Rozario since 2000 when I started a career in Counselling. I continue to engage with Dr do Rozario into 2019 for unparalleled quality of therapeutic sessions one-on-one. My experience of the work is transformative. Dr do Rozario creates an environment where privacy and trust are so assured that an intimacy can prevail and the depth of work done is unique. In journeying through the process together, I discover and feel my own uniqueness. What I thought were only problems, became treasure. It is a privilege to spend time together and the continuity of ongoing sessions always helps me to feel that I come away, A NEW PERSON.”
Debra McLean B.Couns