Timeless Travels

‘Know Thyself’ and the World is Revealed!

We come to the Aliveness of our lives when we consciously Travel from our inner worlds to the expansiveness and delights of the World, Returning as never before. Light shines on our vast Ocean, and the World’s beauty, richness, truths, sacred mysteries and wonders are directly Known. We are Changed forever – enlivened, deepened, and offering More for our lives.

Watch this space In March 2020 We Offer You Timeless Travels and Sacred Sites in New Zealand

Come join us on Inner and Outer Adventures of a Lifetime! Together we will Travel to Timeless Places and Spaces around the World and come to Know ourselves and Life, Re-Newed, ReInvigorated and ready to Change your World.

A glimpse into how we have been Transformed through our True Travellings