Nari Jones

“What I have come to know is that there is within me (and each of us) a True Self. Richard Rohr calls this your Divine DNA, ‘an imago Dei that begs to be allowed, to be fulfilled, and to show itself.’ Through the ongoing conversations that the retreats and studies at Spirit Works bring, I am learning to let myself be shown, to allow this imperfect life to become the Artwork. “

Nari Jones

Throughout my life, art and the inner creative process has drawn me. Now I am compelled to draw and especially offer to others in life-transitions ‘Art For Significant Times’.

My explorations have also led me to search for the ‘best’ ways of being with others through their periods of deep and seemingly impossible challenge; as well as dealing honourably with my own transitions. I have come to realise that the embracing of the ‘All’ of ourselves is both the Key and the journey of our lives. Through this Embrace each of us can become our ‘Art of Creative Living’, an experiential framework for possible and sustainable growth and change. It is an honour to be able to share this unfolding creative process with others.

More recently I have been inspired to stretch beyond my solitary studio practice of an artist and co-create with community leaders a public meditative and healing ‘Place for Hope’ – a Labyrinth Garden, in the Queens Park Precinct, of Bunbury.

Nari is an Integral Wholeness Facilitator working alongside individuals and groups in becoming more creative and Art-full in their lives, families and communities. For over 12 years Nari has studied with Dr Loretta do Rozario completing her Diploma and Master Practitioner in Integral Wholeness Facilitation. Nari continues with deepening her learning  and it is through the innovative and intensive apprenticeship with Dr do Rozario, that the most significant development and growth have come.

Nari assists in the holding and facilitating of Retreats at Tree Song and is the key mentor in the Spirit Works programmes.

In 1990, Nari completed her undergraduate studies in Occupational Therapy (Bachelor of Applied Science) at Curtin University. Nari has worked as an agent of growth and change in rehabilitation settings, community centres – both formal and informal (in Australia and Canada), in schools, as well as in sporting organisations.

Nari continues as a practicing artist, and for 3 years, was a contributing member of the Margaret River Artisans, a group of professional artists working and living in the southwest region of WA.