Tahnee Witt

“Never before have our days been more busy, our clients/students more complex and resources more stretched, now more than ever we need to re-examine and reconnect with ways of Being in our work lives that give us Hope and the capacity to respond in care filled ways for our own lives, teams and families.”

Tahnee Witt

I am an occupational therapist and a facilitator of change, growth and development. My practise is grounded in the Art and Science of occupation, of recognising and re-storing the ways in which individuals, organisations and communities derive capacity, meaning and integrity through ordinary (everyday) participation in Work and our everyday lives.

All ‘Work is Sacred’, and with an epidemic of lifestyle related diseases and dis-ease, now more than ever we must engage in a re-inventing of our occupational lives and spaces, and to individually and collectively consider, What does it mean and what do we need to truly live well?

I work with individuals and workplaces across a range of care and educational settings to develop, nurture and sustain Wellbeing and Whole Ways of Working. I consider the 3 Ps of Purpose, Presence and Potential as the stepping stones to an integrated way of increasing vitality in our work lives.

I have 20 years clinical experience working in community development and mental health settings. I have worked in acute care, suicide prevention, community rehabilitation and supported living settings. My passion now is Helping the Helpers to help, and I  provide supervision and mentoring to health care clinicians in a rapidly changing sector, to identify and develop their own vocational capacities.

I have a deep affinity for our first Nation people and communities, having spent several years living and working in remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley. There I learnt how this oldest living tradition has much to offer us in the development of culture within our own lives, and the world.

“The good thing is, the old people wanna teach and get best of it across to the younger ones how important culture is…Old people look and feel you from the inside, what they want that person to become. So, basically trying to get their liyan (feeling, spirit) back to what they bin brought up, what they Liyan bin bring them, and their spiritual connection to country.”

Mervyn Mulardy Jr, Karajarri

I have a rural background and come from a proud heritage of pioneering Mallee families with a grounded connection to the Seasons. This ongoing spiritual and occupational connection to nature continues to be a vital part of my own whole & wellness practice.

I can be contacted by email tahnee@reachlife.com.au or by phone 08 9301 5659