In 2003 I needed to change my life. I felt stale, wanting to be replenished, seeking outward for a new life direction. I took myself to high mountain desert of Arizona, and alongside others, opened to Learning again. In this ancient Anastazi country, I found sacred Labyrinths of stone created thousands of years ago, where by myself, I stayed within the inspirations and security of a Stone Circle for four days and nights. At the end of this timeless nine day inner and outer Adventure I returned a different person. My heart and soul was touched and opened. I was excited to continue to keep learning anew. I was called to create as never before. Within two years I moved from busy professional life in Perth to the Great Southern countryside. Tree Song Retreat, within almost 11 acres of private forest, was built from the ground upward and outward. I as a city gal, became grounded and fully embedded in nature and an extraordinary everydayness like I have never known or lived. I have never felt as happy, healthy, alive, peaceful and creative. Others from all walks of life, came to learn how to change and transform their lives. Seven distinctive Labyrinths were grown overtime. Tree Song continues to offer its’ Beauty, Truths and Grace. After 14 years, I am now ready to Grow even More, and open to the next evolving Inner and Outer Travels and Adventures of my Life.                                                    Loretta