Reflections of Our Inner & Outer

The whole of this September we entered as Pilgrims and Travelled throughout Southern France, Egypt and Malta following ancient Road Maps of exquisite Beauty, esoteric Knowings and enduring Wisdoms of Timeless Places and Peoples. Books could be written about what we literally saw, felt and heard. Yet it was our Inner Travels and profound personal Discoveries and Deepenings that will always be relished, remembered and returned to as Real and Transformative. Truly Life Changing from within as we Met and Touched indescribable ‘Cathedrals’ of the Heart, Soul and wondrous Imaginal and creative Technologies and Skill that continue to confound modern science and explanations – magnificent mysterious Chateaus of Templars and Cathars; sacred and breathtaking Churches built on top of thousands of years of other pilgrimage, prayer and ritual sites. 

Grottos and Caves revering the Divine Feminine and literally the physical presence of Mary Magdalene; deep underground Catacombs of the early martyrs and saints; Temples and Pyramids with inner chambers and sanctums yet to be explored and understood, All exclaiming the everlasting wisdoms and healing potency of ancient Gods, Goddesses and dynasties of spiritual Teachings and political influence; and Stone Megaliths, Spirals and Circles, each invoking and revealing timeless meanings and secrets encrypted into pathways and structures that still hold palpable Energy and Vibrancy.  Each Place, Space and Structure, grand or crumbling holding immense Presence, relevance, symbolic meanings and potent powers for our modern disposable world, fast and busy lives. Even the heart stopping no lanes chaotic freeways and byways of Cairo’s 25 million became Magical, for life and death Met every moment, every second, every movement. Prayer was Constant! 

Pilgrimage Unforgettable!! And for me the most profound Experience was Sharon and I in both private and public places, Singing and Toning in the Temples, Pyramids and ancient Churches. Truly Living and Being Our Fullness, Forever Changed.      Loretta

Journeyings & Learnings from Ancient Temples

Over the years Travel has invariably brought in me a desire for change and an opportunity to view life differently.  Whether camping close to home or exploring a far-off land – ‘free’ time away from the usual and known ways offers another perspective on one’s life.  I have often returned from the most meaningful & memorable of journeys excited to consolidate and implement many an idea from the time away.  Too soon these ‘Travel’ experiences are held in the Photo library – minimally translated to my life or inner growing’s and deepening’s.  

Travelling now ‘Pilgrimage’ as I consciously seek inner and outer understandings and connections that bring me to a fuller sense of my life and life’s extraordinary beauty and purpose. This past month travelling to France, Egypt and Malta was Profound and Life changing.   Also the unforgettable teachers of appreciation in being very lost, very hot, very dirty, requiring armed escorts in the desert.   

These countries so far apart and yet undoubtably connected across time.   Each holding unique ways to reach and teach truths and potentials to Us as humans and souls.  What came for me in experiencing the magnificence of many sites in temples, cathedrals, effigies, grottos was the incredible treasure of knowledge, teachings & healing practices from many many thousands of years ago.  The precision of the temples offered ways for each who enters to tune in – through story, symbols, geometry, frequency, light and the mystery.  Built long before machinery guided construction these unfathomable great structures offered again and again timeless teachings, free from everyday constraints.  To find oneself in the wonder, energies and meanings was a privilege, deep joy and brought within me an evolving, enlivening and restorying.   

To walk in temples also invited me to hear and feel the ongoing presence of our ancient ones.  To be held in the greater sphere of past, present and future brought clarity & surety of my ongoing purpose and evolving Soul over lifetimes.  To remember who and how we each are, beyond the ways of our modern world.   From ancient temples I return knowing in more truth my life is not about getting it ‘right and completed’.   My learnings especially are  for our world to go beyond division and consumption to its deeper ‘Wise Heart’ we must restore the balance of our feminine & masculine psyche.  This time, like never before to surrender my over attachment to material and how I am ‘seen’, as I open to becoming my own ‘Temple’ of Being’.  To bring to balance my divine feminine and masculine, and invite this for all.                                                                    Sharon