5 years ago walking the path of Santiago de Compostela in Spain became a transformational pilgrimage of Awakening & Healing within me.  Initially planned as a ‘Friends Expedition’, I instead in deep sorrow from the recent death of my son.  An effort to put one foot in front of the other as I tried to make sense of Life Now without my beloved firstborn.  A 12 day Walk that became a profound Portal from which came healing & discovering the deeper meanings and connections in MySelf and in Life.   When I began to walk the Camino a path trodden by pilgrims for many centuries, I could feel myself begin to Release what I was holding so tightly within.  The fears, torrential tears, the weariness, the emptiness.   From this physical walking my body began to flow and be grounded in the world, the changing landscapes & nature invited me to the beauty of earth like never before, the connections with fellow humans both in walking and living their lives along the Way, enabled my heart to open.   Step by step as I began to listen within and experience more fully my surrounds, I could feel a deeper sense and meaning of the world.  It seemed I was being guided and shown the way by a greater Loving Hand.  Along this path there were many happenings that invited me to the greater gifts of life, and to hear the ongoing presence of my loved one even in his death. I awoke to many aspects of my true self and to a greater meaning of Life.  I returned home forever changed.  This walk has shown and guided me to where I am today, in Myself, Work and in writing to you about the greater stories and deeper meaning of Life.                                   Sharon