2018 New Offering

The School of Love, Wisdom & Devotion


“We must assume our existence as broadly as we in any way can; 
everything, even the unheard of,
must be possible in it. This is at the bottom
the only courage that is demanded of us:
to have courage for the most strange, the most inexplicable.”
(Rainer Maria Reilke)

“In that vision the human mind, made for ecstasy and infinitude,
experiences a reverence which alone can give purpose
to every experience and meaningful delight to every act.”
(Gerald Heard)

You are invited to a Knowing and Practice in the Ways of ancient and modern Mystery Schools founded deeply within key psycho-spiritual traditions throughout the world. Through an unfolding, organic, experiential Process, each participant will come to co-create their Self and Lives as a Living Whole and Holy Temple. We will be guided by Teachers and Inspirations of Love, Wisdom and Devotion. We will be encouraged by the spaciousness and the wildness of unbounded Mystery, Magic, Myth and Meaning. Together we will Evolve our personal Greater Story. Together we will intentionally build Capacity to grow the Whole and Greater Story of our inner and outer World. Potentially with Courage and Trust together we can Discover All and Everything!


Time: Following each Seasonal ‘Cauldron of Being’ Retreat,

Monday 8am – 3pm 

Cost: $400 includes lunch


273 Redman Road, Scotsdale Denmark, 6333 Ph 08 9848 2195

Photo Credits: Megan Jones, Sharon Mitchell, Mark Morton, Nari Jones, Kevin Shaw, Loretta do Rozario & Lee Joyce

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